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  • A full, money-back guarantee. If you hire our candidate and he or she doesn't last for at least 90 days (unless youíve changed or eliminated the position), we refund your fee in full. Plain and simple. No arguments. No strings attached.
  • No retainers. We ask for no money up front. Our fees are paid on contingency. All you need give us prior to a placement is your job order, candid information, and your trust.
  • No exclusives. We understand many companies don't like to engage the services of a recruitment firm until after they have exhausted all their own avenues. However, this often leads to positions being vacant for too long. So, while you've given us the assignment, we encourage you to try to fill the position using your own resources. We also donít mind if you give your job order to another firm in addition to us. We're pragmatists too, and we understand you have a business to run; plus, we're confident in our abilities to often be the first to find you the best candidate.
  • Fast response. If we can't turn your request around quickly, we'll be brutally honest with you. And, if we have suggestions for how the position might be made more attractive to a potential employee, we'll tell you. Gratis, of course.
  • A proprietary referral network. Most of our candidates are referred to us through a network of hand-picked, trusted, discerning individuals. Banner Associates has created a sophisticated and proprietary network to find excellent job candidates; this network is comprised of astute professionals who are willing to recommend talent personally known to them. And they realize their own reputations, not just ours, are at stake. These "Friends of Banner Associates" understand our stringent standards. When we put the word out to them, they refer candidates who are almost always employed elsewhere, candidates who do not look at want ads and online postings.
  • Pre-screening of every candidate. We seek quality, not quantity. We're HR professionals first, recruitment pros second. We have an innate knowledge of who's right for a job, who isn'tóand why. (After all, we had to clean up others' inadvertent hiring mistakes for years.) Though we follow a rational process, we're experienced enough to also make astute, gut-level judgments. We can read in between the lines. We can smell trouble. But we can also detect potential success. We personally meet with each candidate and feel very comfortable with them before endorsing them. And, we don't hesitate giving you our candid assessment on each of them. It's that quality thing again. We have no intention of wasting your time because we didnít do our homework.
  • Competitive fees. Our rates are quite competitive. And, if you choose to hire one of our candidates, we'll handle all the negotiating back-and-forth for you. Yes, we're compensation specialists, as well.
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